"Picture Plane," block print, 22"x15"

"Wooden Man 2," block print, 30"x22"

“Stagger," Milky Marker on paper, 25"x19”. Arthé Anthony Collection

"Lintel," Prismacolor on paper, 19"x25"

"Stack," Prismacolor on paper, 25"x19"

"Via Marisol," Prismacolor on paper. Nicole Possert collection

"Via Marisol 2," marker on paper. Nancy Smythe Collection

"Northeast Gloaming," marker on paper

"Marsalis Did It," Prismacolor on paper. Dr. Richard Bradford Collection

"I Wanna Be Like Nite," Prismacolor on paper

"Primate II," block print ed. 20, 40"x26"

"Tuesday Evening," color block print ed. 20, 12˝x18˝

portrait of Gary Conklin, crayola on paper

portrait of my mother, crayola on paper