"Adrift," carved painted wood on panel, 36˝x50˝x5˝

“George Sanders 1972 Barcelona," gouache on paper, 30"x20”. Don Bachardy Collection

"Jules Pascin 1930 Paris," gouache on paper, 30"x20"

"Mohamed Atta 9/11," gouache on paper, 30"x20"

"Jerzy Kosinski 1991 NYC," gouache on paper, 30"x20"

"Silent Spring," mixed media construction 48˝x36˝x9˝

"Silent Spring," installation at Audubon Center, Los Angeles. Figures approx. 24˝ high

"Bullpen," mixed media painting on canvas, 80˝x60˝

"Niche," mixed media painting on canvas, 64˝x30˝. Pamela Leeds Collection

"Two," acrylic & mixed media on canvas, 16˝x22˝. University of Honolulu Museum Collection

""Portrait of M," acrylic on panel, 36˝x22˝. Irell & Manella Collection

"Ball and Claw," mixed media painting w/ inset construction, 18˝x10˝. Pat Griffith Collection

"Green Zone," acrylic & sand on canvas, 64˝x64˝

"Study for Green Zone," paint & sand on board, 14˝x11˝. Mat Gleason Collection

"Pick ur Poison," mixed media construction w/spinning panel, 41˝x41˝x3˝

"Ginny," mixed media construction, 40˝x30˝x13˝

"Transfiguration," mixed media construction, 48˝x26˝x11˝

"Werewolf," carved wood w/paint on velvet, 19˝x34˝x4.5˝

"Plan B," carved painted wood on panel, 73˝x35˝x5˝. Carmel Collection